Bills Mafia Pleading w/Southwest to Take Care of Precious Cargo
I think there are no NFL team's fans that travel quite like the Buffalo Bills fans. No matter where their beloved Bills are playing, you can count on hundreds of Bills Mafia in the stands representing. This week is no exception. For Monday night football tonight, the Buffalo Bills fans will be in the stands in full force.
Eating Egg Salad & Other Things You Should Never Do On A Plane
Flying these days pretty much sucks.  First off, the airlines ring up every little charge imaginable.  $30 for checked luggage is the biggest crock of &^!@ on the planet.  I'm you expect me to NOT bring luggage?!  Imagine showing up at a restaurant and they started charging you for plates and silverware?  Before you board you have to dump your life into a plastic bin (laptops go di
First-Time Traveler? Get a Free Passport!
If I didn't have to work and had a bunch of money, I would spend all of my time traveling the world. Passports are expensive though. Well, unless you book your trip through the travel company who will pay for it.
Thanksgiving Travel The Busiest Since 2005
I consider myself pretty lucky this Thanksgiving, not just because of healthy family and friends, but because I don't have to travel at all this holiday. According to AAA, this will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel holiday since 2005.

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