Anything that reminds me of the fun and carefree times of childhood, I'm there. So, when I saw that the World's Largest Bounce House was coming to New York, I was already writing it in my calendar.

The Big Bounce America is a 10,000 square foot bounce house that travels the country. It also brings with it mini bounce houses and ninja runs but this giant bounce house looks like it alone will entertain you for hours.

The Big Bounce America was a little closer last month (I know, I just missed it, put it on your calendar for next year). It was just in New Windsor, NY on June 15-17 and then on Long Island on June 22-24 but no worries, it's coming to Buffalo on August 10-12 when the weather is probably better for it anyway. Also, they have adult only times so you don't have to worry about bouncing on a little kid.

It sounds awesome, like they have everything! They describe it as:

Inside the bounce house we dreamt of giant slides, ball pits, basketball hoops and obstacle runs. We dreamt of massive inflatable animals among massive inflatable palm trees with inflatable trucks, boats and climbing frames all contained within the walls of our candy-colored castle. We dreamt of DJs spinning from a stage in the middle of all this, of massive sound-systems, confetti blasts, beach balls and all manner of thrilling party games happening around us as we bounced. And we dreamt that it was big. Really, really big….So what did we do? We built the biggest bounce house in the whole wide world!!!

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