I think there are no NFL team's fans that travel quite like the Buffalo Bills fans. No matter where their beloved Bills are playing, you can count on hundreds of Bills Mafia in the stands representing. This week is no exception. For Monday night football tonight, the Buffalo Bills fans will be in the stands in full force.

But in order to represent Bills Mafia to the fullest, they must bring along some essentials to Tennessee as they take on the Titans. Over the weekend, videos were circulating of throngs of Bills fans taking over the honkytonks and streets of Nashville. There was one fan that wanted to make sure that her precious cargo got there intact and in time for the Monday night game, Bills vs Titans.

Superfan, Lisa Czarny captured this picture of another fan bringing her tailgating essential and making sure it wasn't damaged and didn't get lost on its way to Nashville. So she put a very large sign on her six-foot table. She pleaded with Southwest Airlines to ensure the safety of the table so that she and her friends could properly jump through it during the tailgate at Monday night's festivities.

Well, it looks like the tailgate party will be complete. The table made it to baggage claim and it will make its way to a parking lot near Nissan Stadium so it can be jumped into and broken into pieces. But it wouldn't be a Bills Mafia tailgate without it. Tonight should be a great game. The Buffalo Bills take on the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. GO BILLS!

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