There's nothing that beats the feeling of finding an extra $5 in a winter coat a season later. Think back to that last trip you went on, imagine some of that money you splurged coming back to you.

Traveling can be expensive, especially if you have to fly to another part of the world. Apparently, there are times when you had the opportunity to earn money back from some of these flights but no one said anything. Makes sense, why would the airlines tell you that they owe you money, now there's a new app that will.

You can either visit AirHelp on their website or by downloading the app, according to Mental Floss. You just have to submit information from a flight you booked within the last three years that was disrupted. Based on this information, AirHelp will tell you if you're eligible for payment and exactly how much you're owed.

Think about it, how many times has your flight been delayed? How many times have you had to deal with bad weather? That could all earn you money. The problem is that getting the money isn't as easy. Of course, "More than $413 million was left unclaimed in 2017 just from delayed flights from U.S. to Europe." So, you may have to reach out to the airline separately but, don't you want the money you're owed?

Here’s a link to their newest feature which searches your inbox for all eligibility over the past three years!

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