The pressure is on for New York state to take down highway signs that were put up illegally. If the state doesn't comply by the end of September, we could lose $14 million in funding. Back in March, we told you about the federal government demanding the those "I Love NY" blue highway signs come down. Apparently the state put them up without proper approval and now they all must be removed.

Well the deadline is September 30th and it doesn't seem like New York state is in any hurry. The signs span the New York state Thruway and the Northway. I traveled to New York City this weekend and they are all still up.

The state has been penalized for keeping the signs up. The The federal government has been holding $14 million in highway funds for New York state until the signs are taken down. There has been a two year battle about these signs.

According to wgrz, government officials are now pressing Governor Cuomo to take them down by this deadline so that the state can get back its much needed $14 million. The federal government says it will withhold the money until all of the signs are down.

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