Bill Nye the Science Guy to Visit Capital District
I remember waking up early when I was a little girl, grabbing a bowl of cereal, laying down on my tummy in front of the TV right next to my little sister and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy before we went to school.
He was the only person that could ever get me excited about science...
Still No Real Explanation for ‘The Dress’
The Internet EXPLODED on Thursday night over "The Dress."  Maybe you saw it as blue and black, maybe white and gold, maybe BOTH.
I saw white and gold, no question. But my husband, and both of my kids saw blue and black. And chastised me for not seeing it that way...
Here’s How You Can Always Win Rock, Paper, Scissors
My handsome husband is literally an award-winning Rock, Paper, Scissors player!  No joke, at one point he was one of the world's top-25 players!
But now, thanks to researchers at MIT, I can guarantee he'll be a champion.
As long as the person he's playing against isn't ALSO re…
nose on forehead
Doctors have grown a Chinese man a new nose... on his forehead!
Xiaolian, the patient, had his nose damaged from an infection following a car accident. His doctors decided the only way to reconstruct his nose was to surgically form a new one on the 22-year-old's forehead...
Laura Fernee Says She Is Too Pretty To Work [VIDEO]
Laura Fernee a 33 year old English woman says, she is just too pretty to work. it would seem that people in the workplace are just too shallow and can not seem to except her for her merits and intelligence and all they see is how beautiful she is. According to an article on Mail Online, she said, &q…
Is This Real?
Is this really from the recent meteor strike Siberia or some old regurgitated video clip of something else?  I'll let you be the judge.

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