When I took a peak at the forecast for the week on Sunday, I'll admit, I was pretty devastated. The last thing any of us really want to see is a week full of rain and unfortunatelythat's what it's looking for here in the Capital Region.

The first thing that came to my mind, outside of just, "ugh" was that people are going to be in such bad moods this week. I mean, am I wrong? I did the research to find out if my thoughts have been scientifically proven.

It turns out that it's something that's popped up in psychiatric literature for decades and it does have a name, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

It's said that these feelings happen between the months of November and March, so we're a little out of it's skew however, it's the weather we're talking about here! SAD is said to only affect 4-6% of people, while 25% will have a milder case labeled the "winter blues" and it does cause a behavior change. We may feel like hibernating, not wanting to be bothered, we may eat more or sleep more, an over all feeling of blah. According to psychpages.com:

Scientists believe that shorter, darker days not only affect our bodies internal clocks, but also affect chemicals and hormones in our brains. Some people, especially women, seem extra vulnerable.

So, right now you may be thinking, "Marissa, this is more for the winter! You're crazy!" But, am I? When you got up the last bright sunny day, how did you feel? How did you feel this morning? A little less motivated, maybe? Blaming it on Monday? Add the rainy gray day today and you've got a recipe for disaster. Is it 5 o'clock yet?!

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