A solar eclipse is coming to the Capital Region and since this doesn't happen very often, you want to be at the right place at the right time to see it and thanks to NASA, they've mapped it out so you can!

On Monday, August 21st we will see the first solar eclipse crossing the United States since 1979 which won't happen again until October 14, 2023, according to CBS 6. They usually only last an average of 6 minutes and obviously don't happen very often so you need to know where you need to be to see it first hand since it will be seen across all of the lower 48 states.

In New York City and surrounding areas, NASA predicts that the eclipse will reach its peak at 2:44PM and will only be a partial eclipse with 2/3 of the sun covered. To view the total eclipse, we would have to travel south 10 hours to Sumter, South Carolina. You want to see what other places will see? Click through below!

First off, a warning, you're still staring at the sun which you should know is a terrible idea so before you go out looking for the solar eclipse, protect your eyes by making a pinhole projector out of index cards (sunglasses aren't enough).

NASA has a plan to follow the eclipse with jet planes so they can follow it with a telescope attached to the nose of the plane. Everyone in the United States will be able to see the eclipse depending on the weather, but not everyone will be able to see the total eclipse.

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