Guys, I'm sure you're always wondering, "does she think my tractor's sexy?"  Well, thankfully all the guess work is over. Doctors in Zurich, Switzerland recently ran a study on penile attractiveness, and had women rank eight different factors by how important they are.

Here's what they found, in order of importance...

1.  "General cosmetic appearance." In other words, does it look normal? Does it have a crazy curve? Is it circumcised or not, depending on her preference? (I'm beginning to re-think this blog)

2.  Well-groomed hair. (Ew, gross! Let's not talk about this!)

3.  Girth. (Hehehe, best word ever!)

4.  Nice looking skin. #onlythebest

5.  The shape of the head. Haha! No, not that head!

6.  Length. Yes, length only came in sixth!

7.  The appearance of the testes. (I'm not mature enough for this!)

8.  The position and shape of the urethra. Huh?  Really?

So, guys, I hope this helps you be more confident with what you're working with!  And ladies, I'm wondering if this list is accurate? What do you think?

For the record, it took all I had just to finish this blog!

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