This is very cool, and it only happens every 2.7 years so get ready, moon lovers.

Don't be disappointed when you look up at 6:43am tomorrow (Friday, Aug 1) and you don't see an actual blue colored moon, but technically this what it is referred to as.

According to,  normally there is only one full moon a month, although rarely there are 2, and this is the second one.  The first one occurred on July 2nd.

If you miss it, it will happen again in January of 2018.

Late Autumn Sun Rises Over The Somerset Levels
Getty Images


This moon is not going to last the entire night though.  You may have to get up at our ungodly hour.  It will rear it's beautiful head on 6:43am EDT exactly, which is kind of weird, but I guess you have to get out there with your telescopes in your bathrobes.

In honor of this, what is your favorite song with "moon" in the title?  I like Elvis' version of "Blue Moon".  Let's go with that for now.


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