I stepped outside yesterday evening to notice the sun setting, sure not a fancy thing to be amazed by. Except the sun was a hue of orange. Whats going on?

I was always told as a child that when the clouds are not white when the sun is setting that means the following day will be really hot. I am sure there is no truth to that statement. After all, most abnormalities in the atmosphere have scientific reasons.

The sun setting orange was a little off putting but beautiful none the less. I wondered myself how on earth is this possible. Then wondered if there was impending doom. Nope. In fact you know all those wildfires you have heard about in the news from the western part of the United States? Yeah, those made the sun orange in Upstate New York.

"The upper level winds in the atmosphere have carried portions of that smoke plume all the way to the Northeast U.S.," the National Weather Service's Albany office said. "The smoke adds additional 'scatterers' to the atmosphere."-TIMES UNION

Last week the Northern Lights, This week a reddish orange hue to the sun. As long as none of this will cause the earth not to exist I am cool with the beauty the sky has been producing. More from the Times Union below.

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