Oh, to be a kid again. Looking for a hands on and educational experience to do with the kids? Check out the “My Parent & Me” Science Class at the Children's Museum of Science and Technology. Find out about all things winter with the "Winter is Wonderful" program.

When I was a kid in school, the best days were the field trips to the hands on science museums. It's far more entertaining to a child than staring at old dusty dinosaur bones. Am I right?

I don't have kids but I do remember bugging my parents and probably asking them a million questions about winter. Have your kids ever asked "What's snow"? and you can't think of response without going to Wikipedia and even then you can't quite explain it? I know I wouldn't have all of the answers.

Ever wonder what the science is behind freezing temperatures and how exactly animals hibernate? Also, what the heck is a snowflake?

Grab the kids and learn all of this info in a fun and hands on way.


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