I think it is one of those questions that everyone gets asked, "Do you believe in ghosts?" In fact at the end of this blog I will ask you again. One thing I love about that question is it is sometimes followed up with not only a resounding "yes" but many times some pretty cool and creepy stories to go with it.

I don't know if the folks at Clarkson University  believe or don't believe in ghosts but I do know the are taking a look at the question in a whole different way. they are compiling data that may actually point to household mold and other toxic chemicals as the real culprit behind haunted houses. They believe that as many of these houses are very old structures with poor ventilation and air quality that perhaps the real culprit is toxins creating psychological effects.

Now this study is just getting underway but by comparing the structures and air quality in houses that are reported to be haunted and those that are not, maybe they can indeed find something not yet before thought of that makes one house more likely to be "haunted" than another, and maybe that reason has far more to do with actual science than that of another realm.

I must admit it seems possible. I want to know what you think? I know we are a ways away from this experiment's results being completed but the question does remain, do you believe in ghosts?