Sean and Bethany came into the studio yesterday afternoon and said, "listen, this is a big ask but would you be interested..." I was basically like, "stop right there, I'm in!" Next thing I knew I was out bright and early this morning to talk to some of the Capital Regions best on Election Day at the different polling stations.

I started close to home for myself in Waterford and first headed to Waterford-Halfmoon High School. I asked the ladies that were handling the station how many people had been through already and honestly, it was surprising. It was around 6:30am, only 30 minutes into the voting process and already about 40 people had been in. Usually at 6:30am I'm rolling over and staying comfy and warm! Today's an important day though!

Waterford Halfmoon High School Polling Station credit: Marissa

Second, was my turn to vote. I headed into the Village of Waterford at the J.W. Ford Firehouse. This is where I met Steve, Joann and Ed who were taking care of everyone that came through the tiny fire house. I'll admit, the voting process is a confusing one, but they thankfully will walk it through for everyone that has questions. My vote was placed.

Waterford polling station credit: Marissa

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Cohoes from there to grab a couple dozen donuts for the next polling stops.

Dunkin WGNA credit: Marissa

The next polling station I was lead to happened to be Bethany's church: Loudonville Presbyterian Church. They didn't know I was coming but these little ladies were very excited!

Loundonville Presbyterian Church credit: Marissa

My final stop was a call in from Louise for the West Albany Fire Co. I walked in, I simply said "did someone call GNA?" and the smiles that came from there were so big and bright! Very heart warming and I got to meet Katie who was excited to have voted for the first time.

West Albany Fire Co credit: Marissa

Overall, what a great morning. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. With such a volatile election between candidates, everyone seemed very pleasant and ready to place their vote today.

Here's the audio from my travels: