A Nassau woman is giving many thanks, and considering some people as heroes after they helped get her horse, JR, out of a frozen pond.

Horse in snow covered pasture.

In the story from News10 ABC, Carole Quinn was tending to her horses and saw that JR had walked onto a frozen pond and slipped. JR fell through the ice. She said that the horse was screaming. Quinn gave a call to 911.

When crews from three fire departments got to the scene, they attempted to get JR free by breaking up the ice around the horse. During part of the rescue, JR slipped on the ice. He was just too weak to stand on his own. Because of the difficulty of  working on the ice, crews brought in some heavy equipment near the pond. That included an excavator which actually picked the horse out of the freezing water, and brought him to safety.

A veterinarian was also on the scene. He couldn’t get any temperature reading from the horse. JR was brought inside a barn and kept warm with some blankets and hay. A full recovery is expected for the 30-year-old horse.

A little side note - JR happens to be the great grandson of Secretariat, the famous Triple Crown winner.

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