Right on the heels of Thanksgiving, next week besides seeing a bird on the table we may be seeing quite a bit of snow on the ground.
NYUP.com is saying that a coastal storm is being predicted in the forecast for the Northeastern United States. You can say that Thanksgiving is a week and a half away and I hear you on that. I mean things like this often times do change. At the same moment, it seems there is a little bit of science that is predicting this storm which are some atmospheric charges in Alaska and Siberia.

"Everything is very general at this point, but it looks like that cold shot we're talking about comes down prior to Thanksgiving," said Accuweather meteorologist Jake Sojda. "It's a pretty fair assumption that somewhere in the eastern U.S. some impactful storm will develop with that cold shot." - NYUP.COM

I myself am happy that snow tires are going on my car just before this potentially hits. I also would rather a white Christmas. I myself am still in shock about the cold that punched the Capital Region in the mouth. A far more scientific account of what may happen is in the link below.

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