So I had to share this poll result with you today. Everyone knows what "Black Friday" is now, the day where many Americans scour the stores to find the really amazing deals and door stoppers for Christmas. It is also the day that most retail stores finally go into the black for the year and begin to make profit. Love it or hate it it is here to stay, but should it be a paid holiday? It seems that when asked if Black Friday should be a national holiday, onlye 39% of people say "yes."

Honestly, while I completely disagree with that, it amazes me the number isn't higher. If you had asked me, I would have guessed that 75% of Americans think whatever day you ask them about should be a national holiday. I mean hello's a paid day off.

I'm sure none of those people are the employees of the retail stores staying open extended hours because they know they will be working, and I'm quite certain it is also not the store's owners. The truth of the matter is most people don't work the Friday after Thanksgiving anyway, they just may not be getting paid to take the day off.

Personally if we are adding a paid day off for America, I think everyone should get their birthday as a paid vacation day. That would be better for each person on a personal level and not as hard on the company as they can stay open because everyone's extra day would be scattered throughout the year.

What do you think?