Don't you just HATE financial planning?  It's so boring and UN-fun.  I'm being partially sarcastic here.  I do think the following suggestions are as boring as hell, but they do make a lot sense toward helping your "bottom line", so please indulge me for a second. 

According to an article at the, if you are drooling over the prospect of a huge tax refund, and envisioning purchasing something fun like a 55 inch Plasma, you aren't thinking right.

There are many more responsible ways to spend the money.  They refer you to a site called "Give Me Back My 5" and list some ways to use your newfound windfall:

Fistful of Credit

1. Pay off your credit card - Yes, in a perfect world.  We'd all love to do that, but come on-Best Buy has that sale going on!

2. Start socking it away for retirement-  Let's see...big screen TV or worrying about 30 years from now.  hmmm.

3. Make an extra mortgage payment.  Very responsible, but who wants to do that when you can go on vacation?


4. Invest in your health.  Have some dental work done.  (This is what they literally said in the article).  I'd make an extra mortgage payment AND pay off my credit card before I'd have a tooth pulled just for maintenance!

Showa University Introduces Dental Patient Robot


5. Take a self improvement class.   WOW- something ACTUALLY FUN!   Well, one thing for damn sure - I'm not taking a financial improvement class.  (OMG- I'm channeling Andy Rooney)

I don't mean to goof on the article, but sometimes I hate people who are THAT practical.  Agree? Disagree?  Is it because it's Monday?

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