Not lying.  The Ostrofsky's  of Houston, Texas made a promise to their five kids - they would have no student loans to pay off.  These parents may be eating their words (and lots of  macaroni and cheese dinners) real soon. 

Our son, Ben is going to be a senior at  SUNY Plattsburgh.  It's a fine school.  I know many people, including Sean's wife, the coupon lady, who graduated from there.  It runs us about $18,000 a year, which isn't chump change, but pretty affordable by today's standards.  Or shall I say, by Ostrofsky standards.   According to an article on the website, they have five college age daughters.

New York University Holds Commencement Ceremony At Yankee Stadium

Some are graduating this month, one from Duke University, one from Berklee College of Music. Others are going off to school this fall .  According to the article:


In total, the family will spend about $1.5 million on college after taxes and that’s not including graduate school. One daughter informed Marc that she now wants to seek her PhD. Marc (the father) is the best-selling author of “Get Rich Click,” and a multi-millionaire from Internet businesses.

Screen Shot Marc Ostrofsky

I gave the guy a little promotional mention here.  I guess he's fairly well off, but he may need the extra income if they all decide to get their PHD's.)

We made a promise to our son.  If he stayed at a state school, he would have no student loans.  If he goes to a private school, he has to pay the difference between the state school rate and the ridiculous price that they are asking.  I still don't think he realizes it now, but 10 years from now when he is loan free, I hope he'll at least take us out to the Country Buffet for dinner as a thank you.

1.5 MILLION!  What deal have you cut with your kids?  I know, we are lucky enough to be able to offer this to our son.  This guy is SUPER lucky.  How goes it in your household?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below.



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