The election has definitely had an affect on people. You see it all over social media or in just turning on the news with protests whether violent or peaceful. It's typically uncommon for the Superintendent of a school district to reach out not only to parents but the community with a reaction but, Dr. L. Oliver Robinson of Shenendehowa felt due to recent circumstances it was necessary.

He writes words of hope, promise and asks for the communities help after what he believes are incidents caused by our recent President Elect.

How do you feel about his words? Do you think this was necessary?

He posted an open letter on Shenendehowa's website stating:

Shen Community Members, Parents, Students and Staff:


I am writing this message because I believe in this community and believe that our children and families are upstanding, respectful and caring.


With that said, over the past several days, seemingly emboldened by the Trump presidential win, I have been informed of an increasing number of cases of students demonstrating, in words and action, extreme bigotry – both racist and anti-Muslim.


We are better than that as a school community and I am soliciting your assistance to ensure that remains the case.

Please talk to children about respecting others and also about being resilient when faced with bigotry or other forms of ignorance.


Bigotry and misogyny, in any form – words, action, or demonstration – has no place in Shen schools, buses or otherwise.


As a school district we believe in No Place for Hate and will firmly discipline those who seek to intimidate, harass or create a school environment that causes any student or group to feel intimidated or ill-treated.


The Shenendehowa Central School District is a place of learning. A place where ALL students, regardless of race, religion or sexual persuasion have a right to access a free and public education that develops his/her fullest potential.

Please help me ensure a quality learning experience for all and teach our children how to be citizens of an extremely diverse world. Thank you!


Committed to Excellence,

Dr. L. Oliver Robinson

Superintendent of Schools

Shenendehowa Central School District

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