There is more exciting news coming from the former home of April the Giraffe. A rare kangaroo was born at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Check out the video of the cute joey that is incredibly rare. It has been nearly four years since we were all enthralled with a pregnant April, the Giraffe. We all waited patiently while watching on a webcam to see when she would have her baby giraffe. She brought world-wide attention to the Animal Adventure Park and now they have another birth that has brought them back into the spotlight.

According to News 10 ABC, there is a new addition to the Animal Adventure Park in the form of a rare kangaroo. He is a leucistic red kangaroo and the only kangaroo of its kind in North America and maybe the world. They named him Cosmo the Kangaroo and he has a white pigmentation. The incredibly rare leucistic red kangaroo is all white. Some leucistic red kangaroos are thought to be in Australia but no others have yet been found. This may be the first and only one.

Rosie and Boomer are Cosmo's parents and are typically colored red kangaroos. They have never mated before but it's believed that one carries the recessive gene for the white pigment. The Animal Adventure Park will try and mate them again over the next few years to see if they can produce another to study genetics.

Even though the Animal Adventure Park is only two hours from the Capital Region, Cosmo won't be on display until the new kangaroo exhibit and the park reopens to the public in April.

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