A few weeks ago there was a rare lobster discovered at the Market Bistro in Latham. Well a different Price Chopper has landed another rare crustacean.It's hard to believe that finding an orange lobster is one in ten million. Think about that. And now two have been found in Capital Region supermarkets. The first one was unearthed at the Price Chopper Market Bistro in Latham a few weeks back and we all thought there was an astronomical chance to have that one surface. Now a second orange lobster has turned up, this time at a Price Chopper in Wilton.

I have to admit, I am happy to know that this guy will be spared too. Don't get me wrong, I love a lobster drenched in butter like the next person, but because the orange kind are so rare, it's nice they can live the rest of their lives as show pieces.

They both will reside that the VIA Aquarium in Rotterdam. The first orange lobster was already brought there and now this one will join his color coded friend.

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