When a shipment of 250 pounds of lobster came into the Market Bistro in Latham over the weekend, store employees knew there was something unusual about one of the lobsters in the crate.  What they didn't realize was just how unusual the orange crustacean actually was!According to a report from News 10 ABC, this rare orange lobster won't make onto someone's plate, instead will be donated to the Via Aquarium in Rotterdam where it may possibly share a tank with other lobsters (including a 70 year old) or may possibly get his own display.

While most lobsters are typically a greenish color when caught (red after they're steamed) off color lobsters can found in a variety of colors and can range from blue, red, orange/brown split, calico, and even white or crystal color.  The odds of coming across the lobster found at the Market Bistro in Latham is about one in two to three million.



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