It's so crazy how a giraffe can get us glued to our screens. Both times April the Giraffe was pregnant, we couldn't get enough. Well, that fun has stopped because there's some new news about April's future.

Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York announced on Thursday that there will be no more videos of a pregnant April the Giraffe. Luckily, April's health is fine, but they've decided to put her on birth control, CNN is reporting.

First, I didn't realize giraffes had birth control, but they decided to retire her as a mother. The Animal Adventure Park announced in a video on their Facebook page, "It is a great celebration of her because she has certainly done her purpose, and that is to produce some beautiful, healthy calves in her lifetime." 17-year-old April had two babies who we watched on YouTube and three others before that.

If you're a frequent visitor of the Animal Adventure Park and used to seeing April, she will also be moved. The barn she's in is to accommodate birthing but since she's retiring, she will move to a more senior facility.

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