April the Giraffe is pregnant again and her most famous calf is moving out. They are sending Tajiri away, but for good reasons. I know I was one of the millions that was captivated by April the Giraffe pregnancy last year. There were fourteen million people, just like me, who tuned in to the Animal Adventure Park webcam to see April give birth to Tajiri. According to Spectrum News, Tajiri will be moving out of the park next month.

The Animal Adventure Park near Binghamton is sending Tajiri to warmer climates. He will move to the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. They will be pairing him with a variety of female giraffes in hopes that he will become a dad soon.

According to the Animal Adventure Park's facebook page, “This move will allow Tajiri to play a vital role in the conservation and propagation initiatives that align with the facilities mission statements,” the park wrote. “His new female companions will join him as he progresses into maturity to continue the genetic pool of healthy giraffes in management programs."

Tajiri will be moved to start his new family in October.

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