We've been watching for almost two months, waiting, being told that it's almost time and finally it happened!

April the giraffe has been live streaming on our computers since February 24th! Yes, that long! Some of us thought that it was an April Fools joke (Chrissy, but it's okay, she apologized), some of us thought it was just a marketing scheme but this morning, April finally had her baby giraffe. Did you know they actually had a texting service that would text your phone with updates?

The live stream is still up if you'd like to watch April and Oliver interact with their new giraffe calf. According to CNN, the weight of the baby calf is still unknown but usually ends up being about 6 feet tall weighting between 100-150 pounds. The calf should walk on its own about an hour to an hour and a half after being born so keep watching for the baby's first steps. No name has been announced. The Adventure Park has said that they will hold a contest to name April's new baby (please no, Giraffe McGiraffyFace please?).

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