The Sean and Richie Show, in an effort to report the news from all over the world, have taken the bold and costly step of hiring overseas correspondents to "get the story first and get it right".  Our in-depth reporter, Kelly Jo Hearsey will bring you up-to-date now on the steep fuel prices in her great country.  You may never whine again after hearing this. 

I happened to see this story from stating that fuel prices have soared recently in the U.K. as a result of the increasing turmoil in the Middle East.  Far be it from me to question UPI (United Press International).  They've been in business since being the first to report the famous "Noah" scandal.

But I still felt it was important to check my sources.  So we reached out to  award-winning photojournalist Kelly Jo Hearsey  of the famous Hearsey dynasty  from Calvert, England. 



kelly pump closeup

We had her take to the streets, Iphone camera in hand,  to give us the most recent "pricing o' the petrol" (that's British speak for "cost of gas").   (Disclaimer- this person is not an actor.  This is an ACTUAL English person)

                        Here is her report where she deciphers what you are seeing on this gas pump          

                                                                                   mp3 version

kelly daily mail
the Daily Mail newspaper

Here is a shot she took of today's "Daily Mail" at the local newsstand to further bring home the point.      

     Isn't that absolutely astounding?  $150?  And her husband, Glenn has a job installing, programming and maintaining cash registers in pubs and restuarants.  He's on the road every day!  How can ANYONE keep their heads above water over there?  Even the Royal Family is now thinking about public transportation!

kelly pumps

 So there you have it, you whining complaining Yankees (of which I am admittedly one) .  That should give us all pause for sure.   And just to let you know,Kelly,  we here in Albany, NY are  almost at $4.00 a gallon -which translates to - uhh -  let me do the math here -- um - NOT ANYWHERE NEAR AS MUCH AS ENGLAND. 

       We at the Sean and Richie Show thank Kelly for her fine "person on the street" reporting.  Unfortunately, we are too cheap to reimburse you for the gas.  NOT AT THOSE PRICES. 

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