This was a tough assigment, I'm not gonna lie to you.  Maybe a lot of Schodackians are on vacation.  But somehow I got information the very last minute, thanks in part to devoted listener, Len Bates.  Song to follow

Here's some facts from their website:

Schodack lies on the east side of the Hudson River, between Albany and the Berkshires.

It is, as a town slogan puts it, "...a good place to live." It's also a part of of New York's Capital Region that makes new residents, business and industry welcome.

Schodack has a population of just over 12,500. Many residents work in Albany, which is only a 20-minute trip by auto or bus.

The village of Castleton-on-Hudson, with a population of approximately 1,600, is the only incorporated municipality wholly within Schodack

And now here's the song, with special thanks going out to "Facebook friends" Len Bates, Denise Bates, Kimberly Burch , Tommy Gibbons , Pamela Gleeson, Steve Ward and others for giving me some facts.  (I just wish I had some pictures.  If you have any, please send to and I will put them on here).

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Schodack Song Lyrics

Can you name a place with a buffalo farm?

Take your time,  I’ll wait,

and a talented high school soccer team - the best one in the state

who else had sand pits where teenagers used to stop

til they got thrown out by the cops?


It’s a place with a history that’s old

home of a Brookview swimming hole

don’t get me wrong, that aint all it’s got

You can picnic right until it’s dark down at the Isand state park

don’t forget Cassie the famous school mascot

That’s why I rewrote this Kenny Chesney song

for Schodack


You can eat alot and be merry

at the festival scarffin up strawberries

Where everyone is welcome yes sire


They have an open door policy

except for that big "Dollar Tree"

They thought they were moving in

But nope- they did not win

The residents said you won’t be coming back

to Schodack

A guy there who was loved by all

his name was Lester Van De Wall

The only school with weeds on the high school track

In Schodack


Congrats, Schodack.  Would you like a song about Your Town?  Leave your ideas in the comment section below.