True crime shows are my weakness. When there's nothing else on TV, it's what I watch, Now, I found out a local murder will be featured and I can't help but watch it!

Khloe Kardashian is involved in a new show on the Investigation Discovery network called "Twisted Sister" and one of the upcoming episodes is about a murder that happened in Schodack.

According to a press release, the episode of "Twisted Sister" on Monday, September 24th will be covering the story of Carole Finkle of Schodack and it will be called "Daddy's Girls." If you're not familiar with the 1989 story, the Times Union summarizes it as being about Finkle, "was stabbed and bludgeoned with a wrench by her stepdaughter, Lisa — who initially blamed a mystery man and had the Rensselaer County community on edge." Since then, Lisa was arrested and currently serving 25 to life in 1991.

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