A New York Supreme Court Judge has denied a challenge to the new facility by Schodack residents.

The new Amazon Warehouse is being planned for a 116 acre parcel on Route 9 where it intersects Route 20, according to the Times Union. Schodack residents were not trying to prevent Amazon from building the facility but were looking for an environmental impact study for the location. Residents were concerned how increased traffic could impact the area and an aquifer. The claim stated certain environmental rule and regulations were violated pushing this project through.

While many are upset over the project, many are excited for what the warehouse could do for the area. The Times Union says the new facility is expected to generate around 900 jobs.

Let's hope Amazon does there due diligence when completing this project to alleviate the concerns of those in Schodack. While attracting a new business and job generation are great things, I can appreciate the local residents' desire to see solid evidence the impact on their community will only be positive.

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