Amazon now wants to build a second warehouse in the town of Schodack. Since residents are still unhappy about the first project, they are just as angry over this proposed second one near their neighborhood.

The distribution center opened last year on Route 9 in the town of Schodack and many residents in the area opposed it. This latest proposal would put a two hundred seventy-eight thousand square foot warehouse and truck terminal nearby on Route 50. This would be located on the opposite side of Birchwood Estates, a neighborhood that the homeowner association fought hard against the construction of the first facility for two years without success, according to the Times Union. The first one boasts one million square feet and is the largest structure in the town.

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For two years the Birchwood Association fought the town and sued over the environmental impact and also town zoning laws over the first facility and lost. Now they say this proposal of the warehouse and truck terminal will also violate town zoning laws.

The first facility brought one thousand full-time jobs to the area. Although Amazon has not said how many more jobs the second warehouse may bring, they plan to put in four hundred forty-two parking spaces. An analyst estimates about five hundred additional workers at that second facility. The second warehouse would take up about fifty-six acres of land.

The Amazon projects have been praised by county and town officials as a major job creator and a boost of economic development to the town of Schodack.

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