You never want to turn on the news and see that there's an emergency near where your family lives or where you know they may be at that moment. This morning, that was me and I didn't know for a split second if my Mom was okay.

I was raised by a single mother. My mom is my everything. Imagine my fear when I turn on News 10 this morning and see them not only talking about a huge fire in Schenectady (where my mother and I live) but on her corner!

I quickly noticed that though the fire was on her cross-street. It wasn't my mother's side. It was her neighbor. Thankfully, the house was empty and no one was injured but the Schenectady Fire Department were on the scene to take care of the situation. Unfortunately, the house was a total loss. The reason for the fire is still under investigation.

Even though I found out that the fire wasn't that close to my mother's house and am incredibly grateful, thank you to the Schenectady Fire Department for being there to protect us, just in case.

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