Yesterday we had a whole lot of fun with a video that featured people , spinning out, falling and crashing as they fought a losing battle with winter, and let's face it we  enjoyed their suffering just a little bit. Today, there is a new video circulating that scares innocent people, is that as funny as watching people fall? Let's see.

There is a new horror movie coming out named, "Devil's Due" about a baby possessed by the Devil. The movie comes out this Friday and to promote it the producers decided to create a robotic "Devil Baby" and set it loose on the streets of New York City.

It seems that this sort of "prank" and "flash mobs" type videos are becoming the latest thing in advertising. What do you think? Is this a more creative and fun way to get your message to the people, or do you prefer the standard TV and Radio commercials?

How scared would you have been if you came across this baby?