In 2018 a fire destroyed one of my favorite places on Saratoga Lake called Lake Local. Now under new ownership and a total transformation, a new restaurant and bar is opening. I am anxious to see the beautiful new establishment and we don't have to wait much longer. According to News Channel 13, when Lake Local burned down in April of 2018, it wasn't clear if there was going to be another waterfront restaurant built on the property. I was so happy to hear that there is and it is a multi-million dollar effort and the restaurant will be open year-round.

After years of planning and construction, the entire rebuilding of the waterfront restaurant cost six point five million dollars. It can accommodate four hundred people at full capacity but that will be a slow go because of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will be reservations only for now. The huge bar connects both the indoor to the outdoor patio spaces.

The new name of the restaurant is 550 Waterfront. The owner who is from East Greenbush said he admired the location while he was boating on Saratoga Lake a few years ago. He says he came up with the name because of the address of the property which is 550 Union Avenue. He hopes to have a good crowd to watch the horse races because it's only a mile from the track.

550 Waterfront will officially open on Thursday, June 25th, and will be a year-round restaurant on Saratoga Lake. I can't wait to visit, hang out along the beach, and have dinner along Saratoga Lake.

To see video of the beautiful 550 Waterfront, check out the News Channel 13 story HERE.

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