Good News for the Rt 50 Diner

A popular diner in Saratoga County, known in the area for their homecooked meals, comfort food, and also for helping out US Veterans, closed over the weekend just a few weeks before Christmas. But a day later, some different - and better news.

"Hello Route 50 family all has been resolved we will be open tomorrow. Thank you for all the support!" -Rt 50 Diner, Facebook

This week we learned that the Route 50 Diner on Doubleday Ave, Ballston Spa, NY closed.  One of the earliest reports of the sudden closing came from a Saratoga County resident named Laurette Carlson Loucks. 

Loucks wrote on a Facebook page that she went there Tuesday morning for some breakfast, only to find an empty parking lot and a note on the door saying that the property had been "seized".

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Rt. 50 Diner in Ballston Spa suddenly closed, but staff says they're back in business Photo: Google Maps


Why Did They Close?

According to the Daily Gazette, the property was seized because of a history of nonpayment of taxes which totaled over $40,000.

"Orange signs on the doors Tuesday evening said, "This property has been seized for nonpayment of taxes, and is now in the possession of the state of New York." The Daily Gazette

Back in Business

It's unclear what happened within the last 48 hours that allowed the Rt. 50 Diner to reopen, but a Facebook announcement by the diner on Wednesday said they are back in business.


The Diner Who Gives Back to Veterans

Many were happy to hear that the Route 50 Diner is back and operable considering how much they do in the Capital Region to support veterans and first responders.

When The Daily Gazette reached out to the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, he told them through text that he was disheartened by last week's announcement.

“I’m saddened by the sudden and unexpected closing of the Route 50 Diner...Walter [Hayer] and his family did so much for this community when he was still with us, including our active military, veterans, and his employees."

According to the Gazette, Walter Hayer opened the Route 50 Diner in September 2017 and ran it until his death in October 2021.

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