I had enough information for this town to write 5 songs.  I love having that dilemma!  Thanks to all of the junior high kids from Salem Central School for providing all kinds of facts about this great little place in the foothills of the Green Mountains (I learned that from the kids!). 

I really enjoyed this experience.  I visited the school earlier last week for Reading, Writing, and Rhyming and had the chance to be part of helping put music to their lyrics!  They created an awesome anti-bullying song.

After that appearance, I was dying to take my camera out of mothballs and take some shots of the town.

I first stopped for lunch at a really nice cafe.  "Table for one, please?".  Had a really good turkey sandwich and minestrone soup.  I'd love to go back there if it wasn't an hour-and-a-half drive from home!

rrr salem cafe


Battenkill Salem
salem street sign
Salem Downtown

After collating all of the facts that I got, I locked myself into the 'GNA Wacky Room" and got to work. No parody came to mind here, so I tried my own tune.  Again, so sorry that I couldn't fit all the facts that were given to me, but many thanks anyway.

mp3 version download here

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