song parodies

Kids Song for Schaghticoke
Chalk up another fun and rewarding experience - this time working with students in Mrs. Bushey's class at Shaker Road Elementary School in Colonie.  Some extremely talented jingle writers were on hand, so I put them to work immediately to write a Countryfest song!
Your Town Thursday
i'll make this short and sweet.  This is an open invitation for all of you folks who live in Colonie, NY (and there are many of you) to send in some information about this great little (?) town.  I will then whip up a little theme song for you!
Going Irish
I was very upset this past Friday. We have just completed our "Open Line Friday" show, which is all well and good, but I didn't get to say (or shall I say SING what was on MY mind), so I went into the GNA production studio and recorded this little video message for you
It's Back!
We gave this feature a break for the holidays, but now we are back full force.  It's Your Town Thursday, where your little corner of the earth becomes immortalized in song.  This week, it's Castleton -On-Hudson

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