No Richie - you're not allowed to play favorites here.  You are not allowed to say that I have just completed a class with one of the greatest teachers in the Capital Region.  That's not right!

I've met a ton of teachers in the 20 years of the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour.  They are all fantastic.  I really can't say who's the best, so I won't.  I will just say that Mrs. Kalsher was one of the many greats I've had the pleasure of working with, how about that?

Her class?  Awesome.  Cooperative? OMG! They were just amazing, especially when you think that I came to the class with only one week left before summer.  It was a no brainer to write a song about what they were about to experience, which is VACATION!

They wrote not only the lyrics, but the music as well.  This was a total original, and I love to see that kind of creativity from kids.

Here is their summer song!


summer song saddle wood

(My writing is in blue -  gee, can you tell?)

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