This story is repulsive on so many levels. It's OK for a coach to be passionate about his team and to try to motivate his players.   That's understandable.  Sometimes you have to be tough and" lay the cards on the table" with them - but Mike- this behavior is absurd!

I'm sure you all know the story by now, but if not, here's the background from New York

You know something, it doesn't matter if they are elementary students, high school or college kids -they all  learn by example.  You want to look UP to your instructors and mentors.  When they act more like children than the children they are coaching, what kind of learning experience is that?  Here's the video in case you think you can stomach it

Totally outrageous.  Coaches aren't hired to merely teach plays and strategies.  They also should be teaching team building, cooperation and sportsmanship.  (Oh my God - who am I kidding?  That's been gone from professional sports for 30 years.  Wake up from your dream, Phillips)

I wish Mr Rice would take the advice of the astute children from Castleton Elementary School.  Please listen to these words, coach.  It might help you.

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photo by Richie Phillips

Pretty sad when the kids have to "school" the adults.  Let's stop bullying in it's tracks. For more information check out the Sage Colleges Academy For Character Education

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