After finishing my last movie review, I reviewed the Water For Elephants trailer that I included in the blog, and all of a sudden, a flood of rhymes came into my head.  I was rhyming as I was watching it!  (don't be too impressed.  It usually doesn't happen THAT quickly!)   So I literally scrambled to find pen and paper, and waited until the next morning's show before fleshing it out on the piano Writing is weird.  You get these days where all you have is a blank page in front of you for hours, and then other times where I can write literally 3 at one sitting.  You figure it out, because I sure can't.  Anyway, I decided to try this live on the air.  Here's the result- a "rhymatorial", if you will (that's rhyming editorial combined)

Reese Witherspoon , Robert Pattison

So there you have it.  (Hope noone was offended by the "Twilight" reference.  Jeff Levack was very concerned that I would lots of Facebook messages about that.  So he kindly agreed to respond to  all negative comments for me.  Thanks so much, Jeff.

Did any of you see the movie?  What did you think?  Let me know.    Have the Greatest Day On Earth!

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