i had the chance this weekend to see the new movie Water For Elephants with Dorrie and a group of friends.  Many of these folks are in a book club, so they are accustomed to reviewing and discussing things.  Little did they know that i was listening very intently to their reactions when the movie ended.  GOTCHA!

The Big Top circus flick  stars Reese Witherspoon , Christopher Waltz and Twilight's Robert Pattison, with a special appearance by  Hal Holbrook. (I say special because he's actually NOT. playing Mark Twain for once-and he was great in this movie given the small yet important role that he had)

In case you are not aware of the plot, you can watch the Water For Elephants movie trailer here.
Now I'm sure you'd like to hear an unbiased review right?  Well, I will transcribe a few of the comments here to the best of my memory (which is a scary thought in itself!)  No last names were used here to protect the innocent.

Dorrie-  "I really liked the movie".

Janet-   "I thought they did a real good job.  But they did leave out a little bit of Hal Holbrook's character when he was in the nursing home.--

Richie- "I thought it was great".  ( I did!)

Kiernan- I didn't read the book but I thought it was great too! (well, that's 4 thumbs up!)

Dorrie-  I'm not sure I saw her (Reese) as the lead role in this though.  I envisioned someone with long flowing black hair.  I had an image of her being more-um--mysterious and um...

Janet- you mean exotic?   Yea, I see what you mean.

Kiernan-  She WAS exotic

Richie-  Ha Ha.  I guess you didn't ask the right person!

Sharon-  I liked it as well, but he (August) was alot meaner in the book.


And the conversation goes on from there, but all in all everyone liked the flick, and we highly recommend seeing it.   The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! (almost)

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