As always, whenever we want the inside scoop of everything movie related in Hollywood, we turn to Lights Camera Jackson. You want to hear the newest movie news? He's the best source there is and you can listen to him live on WGNA every Friday around 7:15AM!

Today, Lights Camera Jackson gave us a review of a movie that comes out this weekend called Colossal. Staring Anne Hathaway, her character drinks too much and gets thrown out of her apartment by her boyfriend. She returns to her hometown where she meets Jason Sudeikis' character and somewhere in between they run into a monster. Jackson saw the movie last night and he told us whether or not this is a movie to see or a movie to skip.

We were most excited about the upcoming movie news about Frozen, Lion King & Jurassic World 2. There are new opening date announcements, new casting announcements and Jackson has them all. Even a new character in the upcoming release of Cars 3 that connects to Jackson himself. Make sure you take a listen and go to his website for all of the movie news and reviews you can't get anywhere else.

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