Talk about having a bad day- last Saturday almost had a really bad ending. I (temporarily) lost my favorite gadget, and I was certainly panicking.  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you where it was. 

ipad lost

Man-when you lose something near and dear to you, it can be very mentally destructive, don't you agree?  (Sounds like I'm talking about a loved one -and I am in a way- it was my iPad).  Now mind you, it's the iPad 1, so it would be a great excuse to get the iPad 3, but my wife would have never believed what happened.

So would you like to hear my tale of woe?  Here's how the conversation went down with producer Jeff Levack this morning.

ipad roof

Actual photo of my baby on the roof - safe and sound! Do you believe it?

Crisis averted!  Now I'd love to hear about your troubles.  Levack told me about his bad morning right after I finished with my crying jag, so now it's your turn.  Please leave your comments below.  We feel your pain.






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