It's probably the happiest day in their life and their memories are missing. You can help Albany Airport find this couple and return their photos to them!

You probably never think of it until you lose something but the Albany Airport has a lost and found and some pretty interesting things end up in it. According to WNYT, certain things routinely go to the same place. For example, clothing is usually turned over to the Veteran's Miracle Group in Albany, laptops and cell phones go to the Albany Sheriff's Office, but when there's something that has more sentimental value, they try to find the owners.

Each year, they receive about 600 calls from people looking for things they've lost. The Albany Airport typically holds things for about 60 days before "making other arrangements" but this one thing was different.

Last year, someone found a wedding album at the airport that looks like it was from the 1960s or 1970s. For this case, they held it for a year assuming that someone would eventually be looking for it. Aside from the images of these people and their family and friends, they have no way to find out who these people are. They hope that by putting the pictures out there, that the people in these pictures can be reunited with their memories. If you recognize the couple, reach out to the Albany International Airport to help!

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