Apple - you done did it again.  You got me hooked.  I'm hopelessly addicted to you and I will admit it.  The latest announcement did me in for lots of reasons. 

So the Apple Corporation made their announcement listing all of their latest gadgets, and new ways to pay for one of them at least.

Introducing the iPhone 6s, an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 6.  Not totally groundbreaking, but some very fun new features nonetheless, including 3D Touch (which let's you get to places quicker on the device simply by the way you press or touch the screen), an updated camera that takes DSLR quality photos and let's you shoot in Hollywood movie quality video mode, and a new slant on still photography called "live photo" which will take a little bitty 3-5 second clip that moves instead of a static shot.

Getty Images


All of the info is right here on the Apple site.  They threw out the fishhook, and I "bit" and bit hard.  I'm telling Dorrie right up front that I'm trading my old antiquated iPhone 5 in (it's so…so…last year -LITERALLY)

I have even written a little parody that I would like to direct to Dorrie (I hope she hears this) .  It's a parody of "Buy Me A Boat" by Chris Janson.

OK - 'nuff said.  (Will you buy one of these fun little things too?  Would love to know