This weekend, Richie and Bethany and I had the opportunity to go to Nashville to interview a bunch of country music performers as the town got geared up for the "American Country Countdown Awards." The awards air tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well it was, but not without a little bit of tragedy as well. As it turns out, somewhere along the way Friday night I lost my wedding ring! Ugh.

Imagine, you are out of town and you lose your wedding ring? What in the world do you tell your spouse, because let's face it, no matter what you say they aren't going to believe you. I was pretty sure no matter what I told Andrea she would assume something far more nefarious was going on, so I opted for telling her the truth. Now, in retrospect I wish I did make up a story. Then at least it would be more believable.

Here is me telling the story on the show today, and I must say, the listeners who called in about my story were hysterical! I have to thank them for being so funny and jumping on the chance to make fun of me as they did. Take a listen to the story as I told it on the air this morning.

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