Here we go again, Apple fanboys and girls.  The big announce. What will they come up with next?  We'll find out soon enough--Oh boy, oh boy! 


So many leaks and rumors, just like every year.  Let's see if they come to fruition as Tim Cook and the Cupertino Gang assumes their positions on stage to clue us in.

From what some are saying, they'll be unveiling a new and more improved iPhone. Will they call it the 6S? Will it have a better camera? Will it be faster, thinner and unbendable? Could happen. Plus they might have 3 versions of the next phone-maybe!

Apple Unveils iPhone 6 (Getty)


They also might be upgrading the Apple TV, it might include SIRI, and HOPEFULLY they will make the remote look a little nicer than a stick of gum.

New iPad too?  A big professional model?  That one's up in the AIR (get it, Apple geeks?). They may wait on this one, but it's conjectured that it will have a bigger screen and allow you to use a stylus on it, which will be great for artists.

I usually go to for my leaks, so here's more for you.  Let's see how many come true on September 9th.  Will you buy any of the aforementioned, or are you sticking with what you have?  Would love to know.