It was an honor having the great '60's icon Bob Dylan on the show this morning to sing the listener created "Hooters Tune" on Write a Song Wednesday   (Yea, believe that, and I have some property in Green Island I will sell you)

Here's the song, listeners!  What great ideas from you guys, as usual!   Explanation below if you want to read it!

write a song Wednesday

Bethany cleverly put me on the spot with this one, for sure! Cassie Chapman, one of the stars of "Nashville Wives" is married to  Gary Chapman, ex husband of Vince Gill's wife, singer Amy Grant (soap opera or what?)  Cassie was a former Hooters girl and has been taking some flack for the fact that she married a musician who sings Christian music.  You can read more about them at the Global

But anyway, Cassie proudly exclaims that "Hooters was my favorite job ever!", which prompted our Bethany to make that the first line of the song.  Is she KIDDING ME HERE?

And don't ask me why, but I started singing that line like Bob Dylan during the commercials, and she started laughing, so I went with it, using producer Dave's guitar (BTW - get well, DAVE!!)

Anyway, here's the result, thanks to creative listeners who wrote all of the lyrics!

Would you like to hear some of the other ones written by you guys?


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