Local Soccer Coach Busted For Taking Team To Hooters
A local soccer coach is being scrutinized by the school superintendent and board of education after a team dinner decision, according to the Times Union. Following a boys sectional loss in high school soccer back in November, the Lake George coach took his team to a Hooters.
How to Get Free Food on Tax Day
In case you haven't filed your taxes yet, Tax Day this year is Tuesday, April 17th so if you have to give a substantial amount of money back to the government, here's where you can get free food!
Am I Sexist? Or Are There Still Jobs That You A Prefer A Certain Sex Do?
This one could get me in trouble but I saw this story about a guy who showed up to audition for the Miami Heat Dance Team and all I could think was , why? The video is getting a ton of hits and I admit the guy is a good dancer but why would you even show up to audition when you know it's an all girl dance team? Does he really want to force integration on the team? How obligated should the Miami He
Help Support Your Local Police At Our “Blue Friday” Kick Off Party At Hooters!!
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since we first came up with the idea to start "Blue Friday". I have to tell you of all the things I have been a part of in my radio career this event has always been one that I have been the most proud of. Something that started as just an idea to honor the fallen police officers in our area as well as those who currently serve has grown into an organiz

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