When it comes down to dress code here at GNA, we are serious.

So apparently there is a large burly man who works on one of our sister stations and he decided to come to work dressed in the garb of the ladies under the orange roof. He applied there. I have no issue with him doing him. You want to dress in a halter top and booty shorts, hey whatever makes you happy. Leave it at home.

The worst part of the whole thing is he was so arrogant and non caring of the sight that everyone in our building had to see. I mean, close the studio door!! Also, a little tip. If you feel the need to apply to that job, shave your chest and back. Legs too while you are at it. Also where a halter that indeed fits you. If he wasn't so stand offish maybe HR wouldn't have received a visit. Hopefully he is dealt with swiftly.


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